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18th October 2008

Free World of Warcraft Guide

Some people are natural born gamers… It’s like their brain is hardwired and so finely tuned to playing games that no matter what game they pick, they are almost instantly pro.

I’ve got a friend who’s exactly like that…

He’s the freak that everyone calls for hacks because he’s naturally too good at COD4, he’s the guy you HATE in DOTA because he owns so hard, he is your gaming nightmare…

When he picks up a game he feels alive, it’s like he can feel the connections of logic before the event happens. He says it’s difficult to explain unless you too can feel it but you know instantly when everything falls into place and there is nothing that can get in your way.

Some people also feel this when they momentarily “get in the zone”… Except he feels that every second he plays World Of Warcraft. He’s taken down the solo world record for power leveling and set a new standard that NO ONE has been able to reach.

He’s written a whole guide about how to level to 70 in just 5 days and you can get Levels 1-20 for FREE right now.




Here’s the deal, he was able to roll a new character and level to 70 in 5 days 8 hours, officially setting the new world record for solo leveling.

The best thing is… This is all completely legal and Blizzard will never ban your account for it.

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24th April 2008

30 Free Diet Meal Shakes

Sorry… deal is gone.

Here’s a deal you won’t see too often – 30 FREE Diet Meals. These are shakes that taste great and have only 70 calories! Just imagine what you could look like 30 meals from now.

These are the same products you’ve seen on the Home Shopping Network. They’re now being offered as an internet special so more people can be introduced to them.

You get 7 meals each of

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee

And 3 meals each of

  • Peanut Butter
  • Pina Colada
  • Mixed Berry

You’re sure to find a favorite flavor and have enough variety to not get bored.

The shakes are free but you’ll have to pay $7.95 shipping + handling.

This is an chance to try out a less-than-70-calorie liquid meal replacement that not only leaves you feeling full but satisfies those cravings for sugary, unhealthy snacks.

ps – yeah, I know that graphic says $5 for s+h, but it’s wrong. $7.95 is cheap enough for 30 meals…

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10th April 2008

Free Web Storage

Are you looking for some free web storage space? A place you can upload and view your photos where they’ll always be safe and secure.. A place to upload and stream your music.. or backup important files?

Diino provides easy access to all your important files, from any PC – and now you are also able to access your files from your personal DiinoWeb page using your cell phone’s web or wap browser. Anywhere, anytime – and on any device!

Easily share a single file by sending an email with an automatic download link. The e-mail is small so no matter how big the file is, all your recipient needs to do is click on the link. This solves all your problems with using attachments in your emails.

You or your trusted friends can upload photos or files from any internet connected computer without needing any special software. You don’t even need a PC because you can upload from any cell phone or PDA that has a web or WAP browser.

Access all your files from your mobile device, too! You’ll have your ‘stuff’ with you all the time!

You get:

  • Secure email – collect all your email in one place
  • Mobile Access and personal mobile blog
  • Online secure Photo Album – share with family and friends
  • Online work space
  • Store – Stream – Share – Backup your Music collection
  • Schedule Back-ups of important files to secure servers at regular intervals

Sorry, this offer has expired.

Get 2GB of free web storage space that you can access and manage anytime, anywhere.

Technical stuff: A Diino account is the perfect place to keep the files that matter to you. They are accessible, yet safe and private. The patented Diino user interface features 2,048 bit encryption and leaves behind no trace of your files or activity, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy. You can comfortably access your Diino account on any computer or device knowing that no trace of the documents will remain after you have left.

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13th March 2008

Free Search for Registered Sex Offenders

Want to find out if a child molester or sexual predator lives in YOUR neighborhood?

You can never tell just by looking if one of your neighbors is a registered sex offender. For all you know they could be living a couple streets over or even a couple of doors down.

Take this opportunity to do a free Zip Code search to find a predator in your neighborhood – or anywhere else for that matter. This is nationwide database of nearly 500,000 registered sex offender records can be searched instantly.

You don’t need to scour the Internet or visit your local police station to get this information. From the privacy of your own home, you will receive RED ALERT notifications delivered directly to your email address each time the database is updated with new information that affects you.

Get the information you need to protect yourself and your family from sexual predators. Be Aware – Be Alert – Be Safe!

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6th March 2008

Free Auto Insurance Quote

Shopping for a better rate on your auto insurance is a drag. You know there MUST be a better deal out there for you but you just don’t have the time or patience to find it.

Save lots of time and money with this one stop shop for auto insurance. Just give them your zip code and you’ll get your best local rates. That way you’ll know the cost just for you and not some generic rate that you could never get.

It’s always a good idea to compare rates. When you can compare this easily and for free, it’s a great idea.

You could save on your auto insurance as soon as today!

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29th February 2008

Free Bose Sound Dock

Play Your iPod on a New Portable Sound System by Bose. The sound coming out of such a small speaker is legendary. If you’ve never heard music from a Bose system, you’re in for a real treat.

Unparalleled Bose sound for your iPod is now 100% portable. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the BOSE Portable Digital Music System lets you take your music to more places.

Includes dock adapter to securely hold any iPod and a pocket-sized remote. Your iPod will be recharged while docked.

Crank up the volume – it’ll always sound great on a BOSE!

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28th February 2008

Free Clorox Green Works Natural Cleaners

Try New 99% natural plant & mineral based cleaners – all 5 of them. Natural cleaner eliminates chemical fumes and residue. Totally Earth Friendly.

Say farewell to harsh chemical fumes or residue with CLOROX GREEN WORKS Natural Cleaners! CLOROX GREEN WORKS plant & mineral based natural products are at least 99% natural and work as well (or better) than traditional cleaners. And since they’re biodegradable, free of petrochemicals and made from renewable resources, they’re good for the environment, too!

CLOROX Green Works are better for our furry friends too. No CLOROX Green Works product is tested on animals.

Try them out – if you like them you can easily find them at your local stores .

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27th February 2008

Free Online Dating Wealthy Men

There are lots of free online dating sites. Here’s one that stands out from the crowd. It’s an exclusive dating site for people who prefer a higher quality dating experience.

Meet men who make over $100k per year. Their income is verified along with profession and photos. You’ll get emails from quality members and less junk mail.

Guys – more women sign up here than at any other online dating site. You’ll get more emails than you ever did before from beautiful gals.

Register for free at WealthyMen

Exclusive personals for Wealthy Men and Beautiful Women.

Want to find more free online dating sites with no credit card required? Check out’s Free Online Dating page.

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26th February 2008

Lose Weight Free Trial Offer

Diet and exercise are a great way to lose weight.. but the more you exercise and diet, the hungrier you are. It’s a catch-22. If you only had something safe that would suppress your appetite, that beautiful new body would be just around the corner.

Here’s a trial offer for a 15 day supply of a once daily appetite suppressant designed to force your body to burn fat faster by increasing your metabolic rate. All that extra fat will just slide off.

When you sign-up for your free trial offer, you’ll have to enter your credit card and pay a $4.95 s+h fee. It’s a secure webpage and safe to use with your credit card. If you decide not to continue, be sure you visit the support site to cancel your trial offer w/i 15 days of when you placed your order.

**Read this carefully**

This product works well but you need to know that you’re entering a contract for auto-shipping of two 60 count bottles – a 4 month supply. If you cancel during your trial offer, you will be billed $49.95 as a cancellation fee to pay for the 15 day supply.

You’ll be getting a good product at a discounted internet price. Just read the terms carefully on their site before ordering.

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25th February 2008

Debt Consolidation and Free Debt Analysis

Hey Gals… do you have debt that’s getting out of hand? Feeling like it’s got a life of it’s own and it taking over?

You can get a free debt analysis and custom recommendation – don’t feel like you’ve got to go it alone. There’s a special site just for women to empower yourself and give you some debt relief options you may qualify for.

Eliminate your high charge cards & medical bills… Find out how to improve your financial health. If credit card bills have you down, find out what credit card companies don’t want you to know.

Get out of debt – act now for free debt relief consultation. 

Get started now and be able to eliminate debt from your life in as little as 12 – 36 months.

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